3D RF Beauty Instrument ElaziR

Multi-effect repair Three-dimensional plastic. Israel import

Using original HTTM home tightening technology, 3D stereoscopic plastic - RF multi-polar RF regenerative collagen, reproduces young and firm; LED red light stimulates skin cell activity, skin Q elastic; IR IR promotes metabolism, Restore skin radiance; with mobile sensing technology + heat stabilizer double-effect temperature control, carefully care for skin health.


  • Moonlight white

  • Sakura Pink

  • Crystal green

¥ 2999.00

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3D plastic

FDA-certified HTTM compact technology, IR infrared, LED red light, RF RF triple energy, layered on the skin, all-round
improve dull, loose, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging

  • IR infrare

    IR infrare
  • LED red light

    LED red light
  • RF radio

    RF radio

To be effective it is safer

To be effective, it is safer

Heat stabilizer + motion sensing, precise control of the temperature, maintain a safe and effective range of 43-45 °, while preventing the instrument from staying too long to burn the skin


Safe and effective range

Technical specifications



Place of Origin:


LED Red Light:

Use location:

Face, neck

IR Infrared:


Light energy stalls:

Light energy stalls:

5-speed adjustable

RF Frequency :



Gel, storage box, power supply
adapter, adapter

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