HPL Home Light Hair removal technology

FDA recognizes fast, gentle, safe and convenient

HPL's full name, Home Pules Light, is a kind of energy light with a fixed wavelength, characterized by high peak and low energy, which can penetrate the epidermis and reach the hair follicle of the dermis. After the hair follicle melanocytes absorb energy, their function is limited, which in turn affects hair development and achieves long-term hair removal. Clinical studies have shown that HPL technology is gentle, effective and safe.

Based on the medical hair removal method, GEVILAN celebrates the application of this cutting-edge technology to household hair removal products in conjunction with Israel's HPL home light technology maker Silk'n, providing more for Asian families and beauty lovers. A fast, gentle hair removal solution.

  • The first stage

    Hair root absorbs light energy and enters dormancy

    The useful light is retained by the filter with its own filter, and the light energy acts deep into the root of the hair.

  • Second stage

    Hair growth is degraded, naturally falling off

    After the hair root absorbs light energy, it gradually shrinks and falls off naturally, and the growth becomes slow and weak.

  • The third phase

    Repeated irradiation, long-term hair removal

    After the hair is shed, the pores contract. Repeated irradiation according to the hair growth cycle to achieve a long-lasting and long-lasting hair removal effect.

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