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HT (Home Tightening) Home Firming Technology is a non-invasive and non-invasive cosmetic technique. GEVILAN|Silk'n scientists are constantly exploring based on mature RF RF beauty technology, innovatively combining IR, LED red and RF multi-pole RF, Layering on the skin to effectively improve relaxation, reduce wrinkles, and restore skin radiance.

  • IR infrared

    Improve metabolism and restore skin radiance

    The wavelength of 850nm, which is 0.5mm deep into the skin, acts on the surface of the skin, promotes skin metabolism, improves dullness and acne on the skin surface, and restores skin radiance.

  • LED red light

    Stimulate skin cell activity, skin Q elastic and strong

    The wavelength of 620nm, deep into the skin 1.8mm, acts on the dermis of the skin, repairs the skin tissue and increases skin elasticity.

  • RF RF

    Promotes collagen regeneration and reproduces youthful firmness

    Into the skin 4mm, acting on the dermis layer of the skin, so that the temperature of the dermis layer reaches 55°, promotes the regeneration and reorganization of collagen fibers, tightens the skin and reduces the fine lines.

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